Our values and commitment

Creating a safe place for ministry
Immanuel is committed to providing a safe place for ministry. This means that information provided by clients will be kept confidential and that we will respect our clients by aiming to provide a Christlike servant ministry.

Supporting professional medical care
Immanuel is committed to offering support for all professional medical workers. This means that we will not counter any professional medical advice and that we will submit to all hospital, chaplaincy and surgery staff.

Supporting local churches
Immanuel aims to support all local churches and their leaders without regard to their denomination or doctrinal emphasis. Immanuel does not aim to provide pastoral care and clients will be referred to the leaders of their own churches when pastoral care is required.

Based on Biblical principles
Immanuel is committed to providing a Bible-centred healing ministry following the example and commands of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Immanuel is committed to providing a safe place for people to receive ministry...